Sun-Link-Sea High Mountain Black Tea 65% Dark Chocolate


Precious High Mountain Black Tea directly sourced from a tea farm of our good old buddy in Sun-Link-Sea, Nantou, Taiwan (台灣南投杉林溪) of an altitude of 1500m infused into a base of Peru Ucayali dark chocolate while refining. It gives an explosively fruity, floral and sweet flavour from the black tea leaves  which perfectly incorporated with mocha and cedar flavours of the cacao beans. 


The Beans - Peru Ucayali


There are three groups of cacao that can be found in the Ucayali region: various Trinitario clones, CCN-51 and what the locals call “comun”. The comun varieties are similar to Trinitario, lower in bitterness and astringency. Ucayali River Cacao purchases only the comun and Trinitario clone varieties.


Tasting Notes:

- Mocha, tangy, floral, cedar and pleasant tannin

Sun-Link-Sea High Mountain Black Tea 65% Dark Chocolate - 40g



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