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可可茶掛耳包/Cacao Tea Drip Bag - 5g

可可豆/ Cacao Used:Various


風味/ Flavour:可可豆經過破殼階段後,豆肉(可可豆仁/cacao nibs)會用於朱古力研磨;而可可豆殼經過高溫烘焙後,只需要加入熱水/以冷泡方式,就能夠做出具備可可豆風味的茶飲,而茶飲清爽不帶油膩,並有朱古力的可可味道。 Gamma Craft Chocolate 提供不同產地的可可茶掛耳包,方便各位於家中或者辦公室享用,不同產地可可的茶飲會帶不同風味。/After the cacao beans go through the dehusking stage, the bean meat (cacao nibs) is used for chocolate grinding. Meanwhile, cacao bean shells, after high-temperature roasting, can be used to make a cacao-flavored tea by simply adding hot water or through cold brewing. The resulting tea is refreshing without being greasy, with the distinct taste of cacao similar to chocolate. Gamma Craft Chocolate offers cacao tea drip bags from various origins, providing a convenient way for everyone to enjoy them at home or in the office. The cacao tea from different origins brings different flavors to the drink.


成分/ Ingredients:可可豆/ Cacao beans


淨重/ Net Weight:5克/g

可可茶掛耳包/Cacao Tea Drip Bag - 5g

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