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Nicaragua Chuno 72% Dark Chocolate - 45g

可可豆/ Cacao Used:尼加拉瓜Chuno/ Nicaragua Chuno


風味/ Flavour:Chuno®是尼加拉瓜的單一品種可可。它的果莢以黃綠色和寬長的形狀為特徵。Chuno®可可品種是由尼加拉瓜北部Jinotega省San José de Bocay地區的大約90名可可農民採收,當地四周環繞Bosawas,這是中美洲最大的森林保護區,也是世界第三大的森林保護區。其中一個生產者繼續擴大可可種植園的動力之一就是為了對波Bosawas保護區的地區進行重新造林,以及保護其他種植和畜牧業破壞的次生林地。Nicaragua Chuno 72% 黑朱古力帶有輕度檸檬/青檸酸度,加上類似黑橄欖同西式醃製小吃味道,具有香料風味。


Chuno® is a single-origin cacao variety from Nicaragua. Its characteristic features include yellow-green pods with a wide and elongated shape. The Chuno® cacao is harvested by approximately 90 cacao farmers in the San José de Bocay area of the Jinotega Province in Northern Nicaragua. The region is surrounded by the Bosawas, Central America's largest forest reserve and the world's third-largest forest reserve. One of the motivations behind expanding cacao plantations for one of the producers is reforestation efforts in the Bosawas reserve area and the conservation of secondary forests that have been impacted by other forms of agriculture and livestock activities. Nicaragua Chuno 72% Dark Chocolate carries a subtle lemon/lime acidity, coupled with flavours reminiscent of black olives and Western-style pickled snacks, complemented by spicy notes.


成分/ Ingredients:可可豆、原蔗糖、可可油/ Cacao beans, raw cane sugar, cacao butter


淨重/ Net Weight:45克/g

Nicaragua Chuno 72% Dark Chocolate - 45g

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