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Thailand Chanthaburi 70% Dark Chocolate - 45g

可可豆/ Cacao Used:泰國莊他武里/ Thailand Chanthaburi


風味/ Flavour:泰國在20世紀初引進可可,並在90年代由政府推廣,近年得益於泰國手工巧克力的崛起,泰國可可才逐漸聞名。泰國可可的品種主要未為Chumphon 1的千里達雜交品種,可可在採摘後處理於畝箱中進行6天發酵,然後在有蓋的晾曬床上曬乾;可可皆有不同獨立農民通過中央處理,可可以濕豆的形式收集,然後送往中心進行後續處理。Chumphon 1 展現出極大的風味複雜性!青蘋果、桃、青檸和意大利香醋味的奇特風味。/Thailand introduced cacao in the early 20th century and promoted it in the 1990s, but it only gained recognition in recent years, thanks to the rise of Thailand's artisanal chocolate scene. The main variety of Thai cacao is Chumphon 1, a Trinidad hybrid. After harvesting, the cacao undergoes a six-day fermentation in wooden boxes and is then sun-dried on covered drying beds. Different independent farmers collect cacao in its wet bean form, and it is subsequently sent to a central processing unit for further treatment.Chumphon 1 showcases remarkable flavor complexity, with distinctive notes of green apple, peach, lime, and balsamic vinegar.


成分/ Ingredients:可可豆、原蔗糖、可可油/ Cacao beans, raw cane sugar, cacao butter


淨重/ Net Weight:45克/g

Thailand Chanthaburi 70% Dark Chocolate - 45g

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