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Togo Badou 70% Dark Chocolate - 45g

可可豆/ Cacao Used:多哥Badou/ Togo Badou


風味/ Flavour:採用來自多哥Plateau Region可可豆,品種屬於Forastero Hybrid以及Amelonado,自行去殼、烘焙、研磨及調溫,所有工序皆在香港進行。朱古力帶有濃郁可可香味,配合木香以及椰子香,以及杏仁般餘韻。/Made from cacao beans sourced from the Plateau Region in Togo, the variety belongs to Forastero Hybrid and Amelonado. The entire process, including husking, roasting, grinding, and tempering, is conducted in Hong Kong. The chocolate boasts a rich cacao aroma, complemented by woody and coconut notes, with a lingering almond-like aftertaste.


成分/ Ingredients:可可豆、原蔗糖、可可油/ Cacao beans, raw cane sugar, cacao butter


淨重/ Net Weight:45克/g

Togo Badou 70% Dark Chocolate - 45g

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