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Chaat Masala 70% Dark Chocolate

可可豆/ Cacao Used:委內瑞拉Guasare Criollo/ Venezuela Guasare Criollo

風味/ Flavour:印度餐廳菜單中的頭盤"Dahi Papri Chaat"可謂極受歡迎,基本上是由洋蔥、番茄、鷹嘴豆等食材切碎(各家餐廳的食譜略有不同),搭配乳酪和脆脆,再加入印度街頭小吃常用的香料組合,即"Chaat Masala",製成一道口感豐富,酸甜融合且清爽的頭盤。

香港並非由單一種族組成,而是由多種不同文化融合而成,Gamma Craft Chocolate亦試圖在創作方面著手,將其呈現於味覺上。採用世界朱古力大賽獲獎的黑朱古力Guasare #2,混合由多種香料組成的"Chaat Masala"進行研磨,重新塑造印度風味;香料的酸、甜、鹹,配合濃郁的可可香氣和紅莓的香味,使朱古力的味道更加複雜、更具層次。我們憑藉這款朱古力,贏得了2021-22年度International Chocolate Awards亞太區賽的銀獎。/The appetiser "Dahi Papri Chaat" from the menu of the Indian restaurant is undoubtedly a favourite. Essentially, it consists of diced ingredients such as onions, tomatoes, and chickpeas (varies slightly in different restaurant recipes), combined with yogurt and crisp elements, further enhanced by the addition of the popular Indian street food spices known as "Chaat Masala." This creates a layered and refreshing taste experience, balancing the sweet and tangy flavours.

Hong Kong is not composed of a single ethnicity but is rather a blend of diverse cultures. Gamma Craft Chocolate also endeavours to showcase this diversity in flavor through its creations. Using the award-winning dark chocolate "Guasare #2" from the World Chocolate Awards, a blend of various spices constituting "Chaat Masala" is meticulously ground, reimagining the essence of Indian flavours. The spices' sour, sweet, and salty characteristics, combined with rich cocoa aromas and hints of raspberry, infuse the chocolate with a heightened complexity and nuanced layers. With this chocolate, we also secured the Silver Award at the 2021-22 International Chocolate Awards Asia-Pacific competition.


成分/ Ingredients:可可豆、原蔗糖、可可油、孜然籽、黑胡椒、阿魏、小豆蔻、肉豆蔻、八角茴香、丁香、芫荽籽、薑黃、茴香籽、蕹菜籽、薄荷、辣椒。/ Cacao beans, raw cane sugar, cacao butter, cumin seed, black pepper, asafoetida, cardamom, mace, star anise, cloves, coriander seed, mango ginger, fennel seed, carom seed, mint, chillies


淨重/ Net Weight:45克/g

Chaat Masala 70% Dark Chocolate

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